RAL Non-Toxic Immersion Oil

RAL Immersion Oil is a unique high quality, viscous and non-toxic Immersion Oil with a high refractive index and with no residual fluorescence. Ranging from 10 ml to 100 ml in volume and with bulk discount packs, these bottles are well suited to use with fluorescent or non-fluorescent microscopes in all fields of work.

Unique dropstick system

The unique RAL dropper system is designed for one-handed use, the amount of oil necessary for one glass slide is released by a single easy press. DropSticks® in the RAL Immersion Packs are user-friendly and efficient. The RAL DropStand® rack maintains the dropper bottle ready-for-use, opened and turned upside down.


  • Non-Toxic, No PCBs, non teratogenic, safe to handle, and conforms to H&S guidelines.
  • Refractive index of glass: 1,513 +/-0,005 at 25°C, proven clearer, sharper images.
  • No residual fluorescence, can be used on both light and fluorescent microscopes.
  • High Viscosity: 1000mPa/s at 25°C, easier to handle, less mess and waste and lasts considerably longer.
  • Unique dropper system for ease of use.
  • CE Marked, Health and Safety assured, conforms to all IVD regulatory standards.
  • Available from stock, rapid next day delivery!

Safety Documents

RAL Immersion Oil MSDS PDF

RAL Immersion Oil IFU PDF

RAL Immersion Oil Toxicity Certificate PDF

Immersion Oil Kit Size Product Code
Pack immersion 100 (Dropstick) 10 x 10ml (100ml) CB76/340-101
Pack immersion 150 6 x 25ml (150ml) CB76/340-150
Pack immersion 300 6 x 50ml (300ml) CB76/340-300

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