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FastPlaqueTB and FastPlaque-Response Diagnostic Assays

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An innovative breakthrough for the detection of Tuberculosis

The new FastPlaqueTB system, developed by BIOTEC Laboratories Ltd and FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) and manufactured by BIOTEC Laboratories Ltd, is a novel application of phage amplifcation technology which allows the rapid detection of TB within 24 hours of sample preparation.

This technology has been further applied to produce the  FastPlaque-Response assay for drug resistance which provides results within 48 hours (see below)





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5 vials (sufficient for one FastPlaque-Response)

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Summary of Assay Principle (View schematic flow diagram of FastPlaqueTBDiagnostic Assay)

The benefits of FastPlaqueTB


The FastPlaque-Response assay allows the early detection of rifampicin resistance. This assay allows rapid screening of various patient populations, for example those who have failed or defaulted from the first-line treatment who are at an increased risk of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and those who are not responding to therapy, despite good compliance.

 Summary of Assay Principle (View schematic flow diagram of FastPlaque-ResponseDiagnostic Assay)

  • Process smear positive sputum speciment. Incubate a sample with and without rifampicin overnight at 37oC
  • Add phage to processed specimen. Phage infection occurs
  • Add virucide to destroy extra-cellular phage. TB bacilli and replicating phage within cells are unaffeted
  • Neutralise virucide. Add Sensor cells for amplification of released phage
  • Incorporate reaction mixture into agar in Petri dish and incubater overnight at 37oC. Viable TB bacilli in the original specimen are reflected as clear zones (plaques) in a lawn of Sensor cell growth. Rifampicin resistant TB strains survive drug treatment and product plaques, whilst susceptible strains do not (see below)



FastPlaqueTB and FastPlaque-Response are manufactured by BIOTEC Laboratories Ltd. Please visit their website via this link www.biotec.com

Press Release: FIND and BIOTEC Announce Development of a New Test for Rapid Diagnosis of Multi-Drug Resistant TB


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